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Name:Sho Minamimoto
Birthdate:Aug 1
[Roleplay account for Sho Minanimoto from the game The World Ends With You. Information on Sho can be found here.]

Interests (85):

addition, algebra, angles, arcs, areas, art, asymptotes, beauty, being composer, calculators, calculus, chain rule, coefficients, composing, constants, coordinates, cos, cosecant, cosine, cotangent, curves, denominators, derivation, differentiation, digits, discriminants, division, dy/dt = ky^(1+epsilon), e, equations, extrema, factoring, factors, fibonacci sequence, flawless calculations, foil, fractions, functions, geometry, heaps, hectopascals, hyperbolas, infinity, integration, iteration, junk, lines, logarithms, megaphones, monomials, multiplication, n factorial, noise, numbers, numerators, parabolas, perfection, pi, piles, point-slope form, polynomials, proofs, quadratic formula, quadratics, radians, radicals, reaper's game, reapers, remainders, secant, sets, sin, sine, sohcahtoa, standard form, subtraction, tan, tangent, trigonometry, variables, vectors, yoctograms, zeros, zetta, zetta slow
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